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What Warframe is currently the best one to use? If you want to find out, you need to check out the best Warframe tier list - read it right here.

When Warframe released in 2013, most people thought its popularity would rise and then quickly burn out.

More than seven years after, it’s clear that Warframe has surpassed every expectation as a free-to-play, PvE, multiplayer shooter.

With over 40 character suits (called Warframes), hundreds of different loot variations and a ton of lore to unpack, the game will overwhelm you. If you’re a beginner, the best option would be to learn the basics and then work towards a goal you’ll want for later on in the game.

This tier list will help you decide which Warframe you’ll want to build to breeze through even the game’s most difficult missions.

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Warframe Tier List S Tier

Being the best in the game, these warframes offer plenty of upsides and their disadvantages are easily ignorable.

MesaBallistic Battery Shooting Gallery Shatter Shield Peacemaker
OctaviaMallet Resonator Metronome Amp
SarynSpores Molt Toxic Lash Miasma
TrinityWell of Life Energy Vampire Link Blessing
NovaNull Star Antimatter Drop Wormhole Molecular Prime
WispReservoirs Wil-O-Wisp Breach Surge Sol Gate


Warframe Tier List A Tier

These warframes are very good in almost any situation the game puts you in. While they are not standouts like those in S-tier, they’re pretty solid overall and can easily dominate the game’s content with proper gear and tuning.

InarosDesiccation Devour Sandstorm Scarab Swarm
IvaraQuiver Navigator Prowl Artemis Bow
ChromaSpectral Scream Elemental Ward Vex Armor Effigy
KhoraWhipclaw Ensnare Venari Strangledome
GaraShattered Lash Splinter Storm Spectorage Mass Vitrify
VoltShock Speed Electric Shield Discharge
RhinoRhino Charge Iron Skin Roar Rhino Stomp
WukongCelestial Twin Cloud Walker Defy Primal Fury
EquinoxMetamorphosis Rest & Rage Pacify & Provoke Mend & Maim
NidusVirulence Larva Parasitic Link Ravenous
GaussMach Rush Kinetic Plating Thermal Sunder Redline
NezhaFire Walker Blazing Chakram Warding Halo Divine Spears


Warframe Tier List B Tier

These are decent for any mission the game throws at you. With the right strategy and build, these warframes have the potential to be powerhouses down the road.

MirageHall of Mirrors Sleight of Hand Eclipse Prism
BaruukElude Lull Desolate Hands Serene Storm
OberonSmite Hallowed Ground Renewal Reckoning
HarrowCondemn Penance Thurible Covenant
TitaniaSpellbind Tribute Lantern Razorwing
LimboBanish Stasis Rift Surge Cataclysm
RevenantEnthrall Mesmer Skin Reave Danse Macabre
EmberFireball Immolation Fire Blast Inferno
ProteaGrenade Fan Blaze Artillery Dispensary Temporal Anchor


Warframe Tier List C Tier

Average warframes that anyone can enjoy playing. It takes more nuanced strategies to strengthen these units compared to their high-tier counterparts, however, so be ready to invest time and resources in building these units.

NekrosSoul Punch Terrify Desecrate Shadows of the Dead
VaubanTesla Nervos Minelayer Photon Strike Bastille
MagPull Magnetize Polarize Crush
FrostFreeze Ice Wave Snow Globe Avalanche
HildrynBalefire Pillage Haven Aegis Storm
ExcaliburSlash Dash Radial Bind Radial Javelin Exalted Blade
LokiDecoy Invisibility Switch Teleport Radial Disarm
ValkyrRip Line Warcry Paralysis Hysteria
AshShuriken Smoke Screen Teleport Blade Storm
GarudaDread Mirror Blood Altar Bloodletting Seeking Talons


Warframe Tier List D Tier

These are subpar warframes that do not have much value in high-difficulty missions. They have niche use cases and most players only use them for the love of that specific playstyle.

BansheeSonic Boom Sonar Silence Sound Quake
AtlasLandslide Tectonics Petrify Rumblers


Warframe Tier List F Tier

It’s advisable to avoid these warframes in your playthrough because you’ll get minimal rewards for investing in them. They have glaring flaws that prove a problem with the game’s current state.

HydroidTempest Barrage Tidal Surge Undertow Tentacle Swarm
GrendelFeast Nourish Regurgitate Pulverize
ZephyrTail Wind Airburst Turbulence Tornado
NyxMind Control Psychic Bolts Chaos Absorb

With this tier list, you’re one step closer to creating the ideal build for your warframe towards the end game.

Your preference would always trump any rankings in this list, but it’s good to use this as a guide whenever you feel like the game becomes too overwhelming.

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