The Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under 1000 USD (2021 Reviews)

Going prebuilt is not as bad as one might think. Here are the best gaming PCs available right now for under $1000. Fully 4K and VR-capable machines!

Although building a PC might be a better option for those who know what they’re doing, others who don’t want to risk it, or simply don’t want to be bothered with it often choose to go for the prebuilt variant.

If you are one of these people, then you’ve come to the right place because here we’re going to be talking about the five best prebuilt PCs you can currently find for under $1000.

Before we start, however, we feel obligated to mention that a prebuilt PC will always cost you more than the option to build one yourself, so if what you find on this list doesn’t suit you, you can check out our PC build guide for the best gaming PC under $1000.

With that out of the way, here are the best prebuilt PCs for under $1000.

best overall

Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme

Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme
  • Excellent CPU/GPU combo
  • Capable of streaming and VR
  • Good airflow
  • SSD storage

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The Pros:

  • Decent Zen2 processor
  • Overclocking-friendly
  • Excellent graphics card for 1080p
  • SSD storage

The Cons:

  • No hyper-threading
  • 8GB of RAM

First up, we have the HP Pavilion TG01-0040.

This system is equipped with the AMD Radeon RX 5500 with 4GB of VRAM and the AMD Ryzen 5 3500, which is a 6-core, 6-thread CPU with a base clock of 3.6GHz and a max boost clock of 4.1GHz.

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This is an excellent combo that will allow you to enjoy the 1080p resolution to the fullest, and even dabble in 1440p in less demanding games provided you have the monitor to pull it off.

In case you were wondering, no, it wasn’t a typo, this PC contains the AMD Ryzen 5 3500 CPU. As you might have already gathered, this is a processor based on the Zen2 architecture and it has all the benefits that come with it such as higher clock speeds, better IPC, improved power efficiency, and improved single-thread performance to name a few.

However, the R5 3500 was made to directly compete with the Intel Core i5-9400F which meant that it also had to have a competitive price. To do this, AMD had to forgo some of the features and in this case, that meant getting rid of hyper-threading.

This is rather unfortunate, but it’s not that big of a deal. If you mean to use this PC strictly for gaming, then you won’t need a beast of a CPU. You’ll only need it to be powerful enough to support your graphics card without bottlenecking it because this is what will determine how well your games will run, and luckily, this CPU does that just fine.

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Speaking of graphics cards, the AMD Radeon RX 5500 is an excellent GPU that will enable you to play virtually all modern games in 1080p with decent framerates. Most of them will run at around 60FPS at medium-ultra settings. However, there will be few especially demanding titles here and there where you’ll have to make more serious adjustments to the graphics sliders, and the major culprit for this is the RAM.

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Unfortunately, this PC doesn’t have the optimal 16GB of RAM. Instead, it only has 8GB running at 2666MHz. This will cause you to experience some lag and issues with your games and browsing that you wouldn’t expect to have on a $1000 PC, which is rather disappointing. 

When it comes to other components, this PC has 512GB of SSD storage which will be enough to get you started. We would have preferred an additional 1TB HDD, or at least 1TB in total, but overall it’s not a terrible deal.

Our Thoughts

All things considered, this is a decent PC, and of course, it is, otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list.

It has a good processor, a powerful graphics card, and a decent amount of storage. However, it sports decidedly sub-par RAM which means that you’ll have to invest around $30 more at some point if you want to bring out this PC’s maximum potential, which probably isn’t what you want to hear.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not impossible to work with 8GB. However, 8GB of RAM and the performance it entails is something we would expect in a $500 PC, not one that costs $1000. Luckily, RAM is one of the cheapest PC components and probably the easiest to upgrade, so you can do it whenever you have $30 lying around. This, however, doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

On a more positive note, the central components in this PC are actually great.

Like we mentioned above, the CPU doesn’t have hyper-threading which you might notice in more CPU-intensive games since it doesn’t have the ability to emulate a 12-core unit like the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 does, for example, but overall it is still an excellent processor with a performance that’s somewhere in between the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and the AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

This makes the R5 3500 perfectly capable of keeping up with the Radeon RX 5500, and it will even allow you to stream and play VR games if you wish to do so (provided that you upgrade your RAM to 16GB).

And as for the GPU, there’s nothing in particular to complain about. It’s slightly weaker than the Radeon RX 5500 XT making it directly comparable to the GTX 1650 Super, which is a good choice for 1080p gaming. Overall, this CPU/GPU combo makes for a pretty decent PC.

Now the only thing left to figure out is whether this PC is right for you.

As we said above, the only way you’ll be able to get the most out of this PC is if you upgrade the RAM. Given that RAM is pretty inexpensive this won’t make you exceed your budget, the only issue is if you’re willing to do it or not. If you’re not, then there might be a better PC for you down the page, but if you are then you should ask yourself another question: what kind of games do I mostly play?

If you mostly play CPU-intensive games where the AI has to work hard to keep up with what’s happening in the game, most notably, online multiplayer games and strategies, you might want to look for a PC that has a more powerful processor with more cores and more threads.

On the other hand, if you prefer more GPU-intensive games, this PC should work just fine. Although, we would like to point out that there are several PCs on this list that have a better graphics card that you might want to check out first before you commit to a purchase. They might be a little more expensive, but the value they bring to the table is significant.

The Pros:

  • Excellent processor
  • Powerful graphics card
  • Lightning-fast storage
  • Wi-Fi 6

The Cons:

  • Locked CPU
  • 8GB of RAM

Next up, we have the Acer Nitro N50-610-UR15.

If you know anything about gaming, you know that the FPS, and therefore the gaming experience, is dictated by the GPU. The Acer Nitro N50-610-UR15 is equipped with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 which is the optimal choice if you want to max out the 1080p resolution.

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When it comes to the CPU what we have here is the Intel Core i5-10400F. This is a fantastic processor from Intel’s 10th-generation, which is the first generation where they’ve included hyper-threading in their low-end and mid-tier CPUs. Thanks to this, the i5-10400F has 6 cores, 12 threads along with a 2.9GHz base and 4.3GHz max boost frequency.

There are two important things to mention about this CPU:

  1. The first one is that the i5-10400F is locked, which means that, like all of Intel’s low-end and mid-range CPUs, it can’t be overclocked.
  2. And the second is that the ‘F’ in the name of the processor means that it doesn’t come with an integrated GPU. This won’t be much of a problem for most of you since this PC already comes with a dedicated graphics card, but it does mean that you won’t be able to boot up the PC should something happen to that graphics card (something you could do if the processor had an integrated GPU).

Neither of these things is particularly important or has any impact on your day-to-day use and gaming, but they are features that some users find useful, so we thought we’d mention them just in case.

As for the other components, this PC is equipped with a 512GB NVMe SSD, which is fantastic. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have an additional HDD, but at least HDDs are cheap these days, so adding one in the future if you need it shouldn’t be a problem.

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However, just like our previous pick, the Acer Nitro N50-610-UR15 has only 8GB of RAM. Once again, this is rather disappointing, but we were always aware that finding a perfect PC among prebuilt systems is nearly impossible unless you’re ready to pay through the nose for it.

Our Thoughts

Right off the bat, we can tell you that this PC is quite an improvement compared to our first entry in nearly all aspects.

First and foremost, it’s cheaper coming in at $900 at the time of writing this article. Not only that, but it’s also equipped with a better processor, a more powerful graphics card, and faster storage despite its lower price. It’s a fantastic deal.

Unfortunately, the RAM is still a big issue, and we highly recommend you upgrade it as soon as possible if you want to maximize your system’s performance, but even after this additional investment, this PC will still cost you less than the HP Pavilion. If your goal is to get the best possible PC for as little money as possible, then the Acer Nitro is the right choice for you.

You’ll get a system that will be able to run any modern title in 1080p at ultra settings with excellent framerates, a lightning-fast SSD, Wi-Fi 6, a complementary keyboard and mouse, and a1-year warranty. The case itself is nothing to marvel at, which is a shame considering the money you’d be paying for it, but that’s something that won’t impact your gaming in the slightest, so we hope that won’t deter you from choosing this PC if you love everything else about it.

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The Pros:

  • Fantastic processor
  • Overclocking-friendly
  • 16GB of RAM

The Cons:

  • Lower-end graphics card
  • Price

The SkyTech Archangel 3.0 is another AMD system, this time containing the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. This is a slight upgrade compared to the previous entry, but it comes at a price. Namely, the GPU in this system is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650.

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The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a fantastic CPU with 6 cores, 12 threads, a 3.6GHz base, and 4.2GHz boost clock speed, and it’s unlocked to boot! This means that with a few clicks and a little know-how you’ll be able to get a decent performance boost out of this processor.

Now, this is great and all, but don’t overdo it! This PC still comes with the Wraith Stealth stock cooler. This cooler can handle some overclocking, but if you intend to go all out, we recommend getting an aftermarket cooler instead.

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As regards the RAM, we’re extremely glad that this PC at least has 16GB of it to go with the great processor, so you won’t have to worry about lag when multitasking or having multiple Chrome tabs open. And unless you are doing any heavy editing, graphic design, or the like besides gaming you won’t have to upgrade your RAM any time soon.

That said, the manufacturer never specified if what you’re getting is one 16GB stick or 2 x 8GB sticks, or even what kind of a motherboard you’d be getting for that matter. Unfortunately, that’s the thing with prebuilt PCs – you never get exactly what you want and some of the parts you get, like the motherboard, for example, may be pure lottery.

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And finally, there’s the 500GB SSD storage.

Having SSD for storage has become the norm these days and for a good reason. Still, having only 500GB will likely become a problem in the future, and you might have to spend more money on additional storage, but that’s a problem for the future.

Like most other systems on this list, this PC also comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse, as well as a pre-installed Windows 10, and you also get a 1-year warranty in case of any unexpected malfunctions.

Our Thoughts

The Skytech Archangel is a great PC that strikes a nice balance between gaming and productivity. Due to the fact that it’s the only one on this list with 16GB of RAM and therefore doesn’t need any immediate upgrades, it may appeal to some of you who are not interested in investing any more money and effort into your system after already spending $1000, and that’s perfectly understandable.

However, when it comes to gaming performance, there are better and cheaper options on this list. The main culprit for this is the graphics card.

Don’t get us wrong, the GTX 1650 is by no means a bad GPU, but it pales in comparison with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 from the previous entry. So, if superior gaming performance is all you’re after, then this shouldn’t be your first pick. However, if what you want is a no-fuss option that you don’t have to upgrade as soon as you buy it, and you don’t mind spending a little more to get it, then this might be the best PC you’ll find in this article.

Not to mention that you also get a fantastic-looking chassis complete with a transparent side panel and RGB fans that will wow everyone, an 80+ certified 500W power supply, Windows 10 Home, and a complementary RGB keyboard and mouse – everything you’ll need for a hassle-free plug-and-play experience.

The Pros:

  • Excellent CPU
  • Great GPU
  • Plenty of storage

The Cons:

  • Not enough RAM
  • Weak cooling solution

Next up, we have the Dell G5 i5000-5378BLK-PUS.

We’re switching to Intel with this one with the latest 10th-gen Intel Core i5-10400 CPU. This is the first time that Intel has given us hyper-threading on low-end and mid-range processors. Hallelujah!

This particular CPU boasts 6 cores, 12 threads, a base frequency of 2.9GHz, and a max turbo frequency of 4.3GHz, and thanks to hyper-threading it is now as good as multitasking and handling workloads as the Ryzen 5 3600.

A quick heads up though, this CPU is not unlocked. The 4.3GHz turbo frequency is simply the maximum frequency under heavy loads. Despite this, the i5-10400 is a great processor on par with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, the only difference is that, unlike Intel’s, all of Ryzen’s CPUs are overclocking friendly.

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Just like the previous entry, this PC contains the GTX 1660 Super which, as we said before, is a great GPU. It will allow you to play the majority of modern AAA titles at 50FPS or higher with maxed out settings in 1080p, and with less demanding titles it’ll even let you dabble in 1440p gaming.

Just a little warning if you go to the Amazon page you’ll notice that it says that this PC contains a GTX 1660 Super with 4GB of VRAM. This was probably a typo as the GTX 1660 Super only comes in the 6GB variant.

Seeing as all of the other PCs on this list have more RAM than storage it’s safe to assume that Dell had a choice to make – either include more storage or more RAM. They couldn’t do both. And they made the wrong choice.

While you get a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, which is an amazing combo as you get both the speed and the volume to not have to worry about storage ever again, you only get 8GB of RAM because of that.

Not to say that having a lot of storage is bad, but between the two upgrading RAM would have been the better thing to do, especially since this is marketed as a gaming PC.

Storage doesn’t have any impact on gaming whatsoever other than limiting how many games you can have installed at the same time. RAM on the other hand plays a huge role when it comes to video games, and having as little as 8GB in a $1000 gaming PC is rather disappointing.

That said, the Dell G5 is one of the cheapest systems on this list. This doesn’t excuse the amount of RAM, but it does give you room to get another 8GB stick without exceeding the budget.

Our Thoughts

While it has an equally powerful processor and graphics card as the previous model, we still think this is by far the weakest PC on this list solely because of the amount of RAM.

There’s another gripe we have with it and that’s the fact that there isn’t enough information about it on the seller’s web page. There’s nothing about the type of motherboard it uses, whether it’s a mini or an ATX system, if it comes with peripherals, etc.

But the information that’s there appears pretty decent (all except for the RAM, of course, which we urge you to upgrade ASAP if you want a smooth user experience).

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Although the processor is not unlocked, the i5-10400 is a great CPU, and while the chronic overclockers among you might be bothered by this, it won’t make much of a difference to the average gamer who just wants to unpack their new PC and play video games.

As for the GPU, it’s the same as in the previous entry, so it doesn’t require any special attention, but the storage is miles better, and some might even choose this PC based solely on that fact.

And one last thing.

In the pros and cons section, we mentioned that the cooling solution isn’t the best. This is because the case only comes with two fans and Intel’s stock cooler, both of which should be upgraded as soon as an opportunity arises.

Overall this is a decent PC, but we’d definitely give it the lowest rating out of all the systems on this list simply because it would require so much attention after purchase. In the end, we believe most people would rather pay more right off the bat to get a hassle-free PC than mess with upgrades themselves.

The Pros:

  • Powerful CPU
  • Excellent graphics card
  • Looks stunning

The Cons:

  • 8GB of RAM

And finally, our fifth pick is the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme.

Once again, the RAM is lacking and it will need an urgent upgrade if you want this PC to be as powerful as it can be, but in all other respects, this system is amazing.

The Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme is equipped with the Intel Core i5-10400F and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super which is the most powerful CPU/GPU combo on this list.

The Intel Core i5-10400F is a 6-core, 12-thread CPU with the base and max boost frequency of 2.9GHz and 4.3GHz respectively. In nearly all respects except overclocking potential this processor performs the same as the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 making it a fantastic option for any mid-range build.

When it comes to the GPU, the GTX 1660 Super with 6GB of VRAM is the best GPU on this list which makes this the PC with the best in-game performance.

On top of this, the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme comes with a 500GB SSD which should be plenty for starters. While you will likely need to get more in the future, this is usually as much as you can get in a prebuilt system, and it’s very rare that we come across a system with more storage.

And finally, as per usual, Windows 10, a mouse and a keyboard are included in the price.

Our Thoughts

As we said, this PC has the best GPU, and therefore the best gaming performance out of all the systems on this list. Like most of the other options it will require an additional 8GB of RAM to fulfill its maximum potential, but considering everything else this PC has to offer this seems like a small sacrifice to make.

On top of a great graphics card, the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme comes with a powerful processor which will perform marvelously in both CPU-intensive games and day-to-day tasks. It will even be able to keep up with lighter workloads in case you plan on doing some designing or content creation on it. Not to mention that this CPU/GPU combo is more than capable of streaming and VR.

Objectively speaking this is the best prebuilt PC that you can currently get considering all of the issues the PC hardware market is dealing with at the moment, and it’s actually better than we expected it to be.

It has everything a decent PC should have to run modern titles in 1080p and even dabble in 1440p in less demanding games, and it even boasts some neat additional features such as great airflow, a beautiful chassis, and even RGB fans that will elevate your setup to another level.

Overall, so long as this PC retains its $940 price and you’re willing to make a small RAM upgrade after you purchase it the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme should be your top pick.

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Best Overall Gaming PC Under $1000

What Do I Need To Build A Gaming PC

So, out of the five prebuilt systems, which one is the best?

Without a doubt that would be the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme.

As we all know, a PC’s in-game performance is dictated by the GPU. The processor and RAM are important, but in a gaming PC, they both simply serve to support the graphics card as best as they can. This is why the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme with its GTX 1660 Super will give you the best performance out of all the systems mentioned above.

Now, the one gripe we have with this PC is, like we mentioned in the article above, the RAM. Why manufacturers continuously choose to put only one 8GB stick in most of their systems despite it being so cheap and easy to install remains a mystery, but unfortunately that’s how it is.

Luckily, it being cheap and easy to install means that it will be just as cheap and easy for you to do it yourself. We know it’s a hassle and you’d rather just buy a complete PC that you can just plug in and boot up, but considering what kind of a performance boost you’ll get with just an additional $30 investment, we guarantee that making this small sacrifice will be worth it in the long run.

If you’re interested in just how much of a difference the additional 8GB can make, you can take a look at the numerous benchmarks on youtube that showcase how powerful this PC can be. You will not be disappointed.

Should You Even Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC?

Prebuilt vs Custom Gaming PC

Buying a prebuilt PC has its perks but also its downsides.

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On the one hand, it is hassle-free. On the other, no configuration is perfect, and there is always some tweaking to be done if you want to get the best gaming performance out of it.

Not only that, but it’s also not uncommon to see gaming PCs with inadequate GPUs or with outdated CPUs from two or more generations ago. This can be problematic not only because you might be spending more on a PC that’s not worth its price but also because there will be compatibility issues to account for later on.

Of course, we did our best to include prebuilt PCs that use the latest or, at the very least, forward-compatible older-gen components, but there will always be exceptions, so you should always do your research before jumping at the cheapest opportunity you can find.

However, in case you don’t like what you see, and you’d to try your hand at building a PC either as a personal challenge or a family activity, you can take a look at the PC Builds we have on our website.

As we said, custom builds cost less and give you a better value for your money, so you might be able to find something even better there for a lower price!

In the case that you’re not knowledgeable or confident enough to put together a PC yourself, it’s worth noting that there are numerous online services out there that will take care of that part of the job. There are also a number of Youtube videos that are often quite detailed and that will give you all the necessary information to build your rig from scratch.

Another option is to take a look at some of our other lists like the best $500 prebuilt PCs or the best $800 prebuilt PCs and choose something from there.

Getting a prebuilt PC for $500 might not be a bad idea right now if your budget is $1000 since none of those have a GPU, so you would essentially be left with an additional $500 to spend only on your graphics card. Who knows, you may walk out with a pretty good deal.

What we want to point out is that there isn’t a single right way to do things. It all depends on what you are looking for. If what you want is the best possible gaming build your money can buy, then no, you shouldn’t buy a prebuilt PC unless perhaps you like the option to get a decent prebuilt system and then upgrade only one or two components.

However, if what you want is a machine you can game on as soon as it arrives, without any hassle or worry that you might do something wrong while putting it together and you’re willing to make a few sacrifices regarding the performance then getting a prebuilt system is definitely the right way to go.

Whatever you decide to do we are here to help you choose the best possible option, so feel free to rummage through the website until you’ve found what you were looking for.


And that’s it! We hope that you’ve managed to find something to your liking on our list, and if not, that you’ve at least gotten a sense of what you can expect to get from a $1000 prebuilt gaming PC.

If you think $1000 is too much to spend on a computer, feel free to check out our lists for the best prebuilt PCs under $800 and $500 for this year.

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