The Best Gaming Desks (2021 Reviews)

A gaming desk in our age is a must-have accessory for gamers today. We've tried out over a hundred desks and found the best desks for gaming today.

If your PC is the heart of your gaming rig, your gaming desk is the keystone. What’s a serious gamer without a work station? While it’s possible to game without a gaming desk – you could always just set your rig up on the floor – that’s just not how it’s done.

Not only is sitting at a desk the optimal position for gaming, but it’s also the best position for your body, too.

If you genuinely enjoy sitting in a floor chair and building your rig right on the ground, more power to you! However, we can’t help but recommend investing in a good gaming desk instead.

A desk built for gamers is ergonomically-shaped, comes with hooks and enclosures for keeping your accessories, and is often waterproof, too.

While not all of the desks in this guide are built for gaming – you can do quite well with a standard computer desk, after all – many of them are. Besides standard gaming desks, we’ve included several other types, as well. Learn more about them in the sections below.

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Explaining The Data

Gaming Desk

There are several things to take note of. Firstly, there are two main varieties of desks: “computer desks” and “gaming desks.” (We do feature a couple of desks that don’t fit in either category. We’ll touch on those more below.)

When we say computer desk, we’re referring to desks that are designed to be an office space or work station for standard computers. While these will often work well as gaming desks, they weren’t necessarily designed for that purpose.

Gaming desks, on the other hand, are designed with features and quality-of-life upgrades that are directly intended to benefit gamers and make gaming easier.

Computer desks, for example, often come complete with extra shelves or drawers that are meant for storing office supplies and such. Gaming desks, on the other hand, tend to focus on storage solutions for gamers, such as cup holders, headset hooks, game holders, and the like.

Gaming Setup

Any desks in our lineup that’s adjustable will be identified by the Adjustable? category. We also have a few desks that fit into neither the computer desk nor the gaming desk category.

These ones fall into the “miscellaneous” category instead. We have a sit-to-stand desktop converter included in this lineup, for example, which is technically a converter, not a desk itself. A lap desk doesn’t necessarily fit into either category, as well.

One other metric to be familiar with is the leg shapes of the desks in this lineup. While basic computer and study desks tend to come in basic, four-post, straight-legged versions, gaming desks and more expensive office desks can come in many different configurations. Each configuration has its own advantages and drawbacks.

For example, T-shaped desk legs are typically the only type of desk leg that is height adjustable. However, since these desks only have two legs that touch the ground, they can be much more unstable than their four-legged counterparts.

Tshape Desk

On the other hand, Z-shaped desks also have only two legs, but they tend to be more stable than T-shaped ones. This can be chalked up to weight distribution and the unique construction of the desks, of course, but any desk can be unstable if it’s made badly or put together wrong.

If you’re familiar with gaming desks, you might have a preference for some specific leg design or alignment.

However, it should not matter to most gamers, as long as the desk is sturdy and fits in the space provided. Of course, each has its own aesthetic appeal, as well, so some people might choose certain configurations on that alone.

Some people might like specific configurations because of legroom worries. If you have long legs, for example, they might bump into any support bars or shelves on the rear of the desk. If you have tall legs, you might sit a bit too high for non-adjustable desks, so you might be looking for an adjustable version instead.

Of course, there are more things to keep in mind besides just legroom. If you tend to keep a hybrid gaming-office station, you might want a desk with extra shelves and storage. If your office is inside a guest room, you might want a desk that’s easy to disassemble and move.

Zshaped Desk

One last thing to keep in mind is the materials that these desks are made with. Almost every budget desk will be made with either particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Particleboard and MDF, for our purposes, are functionally identical, but they do have some differences. You most likely won’t notice them in these desks.

MDF and particle board are both considered “composite wood.” This means that, instead of being one solid block of wood, they’re made by compressing tiny wood shavings together with a binder. Usually, MDF is considered slightly higher quality because it’s made with smaller wood shavings.

Because of how they’re created, both MDF and particle board share a weakness to water. If they’re exposed to water, they’ll absorb it, expand, and lose their shape, resulting in cracks and ruining your desk’s finish.

Thankfully, most desks nowadays are coated in water-repellent laminate or paint, but be careful to keep your desktop dry anyway, especially if it’s cracked or chipped.

That’s another weakness of MDF and particleboard: both are prone to chipping. If you go shopping for desks online, you’ll likely come across many people who have found minor chips or other visual imperfections in their desks. This is common, but not really a functional concern.

Gaming Desks Materials

If you’re not interested in an MDF or particleboard desk, you may need to upgrade to a much more expensive model than what we’ve included in this lineup.

Solid wood desks are very heavy, and your best chance of getting one is to buy one used. Few desks outside of luxury furniture stores are made of solid wood anymore.

That being said, you have a few other options if you don’t want an MDF or particleboard desk. For example, we do have one desk in this article that’s made of plastic, but this is atypical. If you’re looking to avoid engineered woods in your desk, look for options like:

  • Stainless steel
  • Solid wood
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Glass

Of course, any of the above materials will have their own pros and cons. Virtually all of them will be more expensive, but if the material is significant for you, the options exist out there.

Everyone will have their own list of must-haves, but we have a varied list of desks in this lineup. As long as you don’t mind MDF and particleboard, there will be an excellent gaming desk for you here.

Computer Desks

We’ll start off our list with the more classic, modern-looking “computer desks.” When we say computer desks (or, sometimes, office desks), we mean the desks that you might find in a non-gamer’s home for their computer station.

While many gamers appreciate the extra features that a gaming desk provides, some would rather have a desk that doesn’t look like a gamer’s desk. We have many examples of each in this list, so regardless of which type you like, you should be able to find a lot of potential contenders on this list.

The Pros:

  • Extra storage space
  • Three color combinations
  • Stylish

The Cons:

  • Assembly directions could be better
  • Shelves can sag over time
  • Legroom may be an issue

We’ll start off our list with an excellent 47” desk from Tribesigns. We’ll see several desks from Tribesigns in this lineup, and this one is excellent because it features two additional shelves. One of them sits up above your computer rig, while the other is below by your feet.

Because of these extra shelves, you’ll have much more space to keep files, books, peripherals, and whatever else you might need. This includes speakers, plushies, computer games; you name it!

One of the major flaws of this, however, is the placement of the bottom shelf. If you’re someone who likes to stretch out their legs, this shelf will get in the way. If you have shorter legs, you may be able to rest them on the shelf instead, but you’ll need to make room on it before you can do that.

However, if you’re the type of person who rests their feet firmly on the ground at all times, you’ll likely find these extra shelves useful. The bottom and top shelves give you extra real estate that’s usually wasted, after all.

If you don’t need that extra space, that’s one thing, but a little extra space for your knickknacks is never a bad thing.

Tribesigns 47 Inch Computer Desk Design

Aside from the extra shelves, this desk also has quite a nice, contemporary design. It doesn’t have any of the extra bling of a gaming desk, but it’s also not meant to look like a gaming desk. It looks like an office or study desk. If this is the aesthetic you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it with this desk.

Additionally, don’t forget that this desk comes in three different coordinated styles! It comes in dark walnut wood with black supports, black walnut with black bars, and light walnut with white bars. Of course, when we say walnut, we mean the wood-look veneer that coats the particleboard.

Overall, if you’re looking for a little extra space for your things, this is an excellent desk to consider. Additionally, it has a bit more of a subtle aesthetic rather than screaming “GAMER” like many of the others in our lineup. If you prefer the former, this is an excellent pick.

Additionally, while the desk isn’t super large, it’s wide enough to fit two small monitors. We wouldn’t recommend mounting a monitor on the top shelf, however.

The Pros:

  • Attractive
  • Waterproof
  • Configurable
  • Two styles

The Cons:

  • Can shatter if treated improperly
  • A bit large
  • Pricy

If you’re looking for a desk with more space, this Feliz glass desk from Z-Line Designs is an excellent option. Additionally, this desk is made of glass, one of the few engineered wood alternatives we feature in this guide. Glass is much firmer than engineered wood, of course, but it’s also prone to shattering.

If you’re a person who frequently spills drinks or other liquids on your desk, give some thought to purchasing a glass model like this one.

Glass is completely impervious to water, and as long as you clean up your spills quickly, it’ll clean up spotlessly every time. Whereas, engineered wood can develop water rings, bubbles in the veneer, and eventually, uneven surfaces from moisture absorption.

If your desk space tends to be a bit of a war zone, however (do you tend to pound your fists when you’re a victim of lag, for example?), you might want to avoid one made of glass. In the same way, kids and glass aren’t a good mix, either. An adventurous child might climb on the desk and fall through catastrophically.

However, that being said, one of the most attractive features of a glass desk is that it’s stunning. It’s not all that much more expensive than an engineered wood desk, either. While it’ll set you back about twice as much as most engineered wood desks, it’s not a bad deal for what it brings to the table.

Z Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk Features

Keep in mind that this desk is an L-shaped desk, too, so it will have about twice as much surface area as most of the desks in this lineup. However, that does restrict the areas you can keep this desk in, too. Some people might not have enough room in their house for a desk like this unless they have a dedicated office.

Aside from being made of glass, this L-shaped desk comes with several other desirable features, too, especially for an office desk.

For one, it comes in two different styles; one is black steel with completely clear glass, while the other style has thick black borders around the edges of the glass panels. Both are incredibly stylish and attractive in both the game room and the office.

Additionally, this desk comes with two components that many gamers will love: a monitor stand and a keyboard tray. Interestingly, the monitor stand and keyboard tray are on two different sides of the desk in most pictures, but it appears that you can change this during assembly if you want to.

The Pros:

  • Adjustable up and down with a motor
  • One programmable memory setting
  • Two sizes available
  • Four colors in total

The Cons:

  • Cost-prohibitive
  • A bit wobbly
  • Lacks features

This computer desk from SHW is the only “electric adjustable” desk in our lineup. This means that you can move the desk up or down with the touch of a button.

While these desks can be very convenient for those who transition between sitting and standing while they work, there’s a reason why we’ve only included one in this lineup. It’s because these desks are incredibly cost-prohibitive.

As you might imagine, a desk with motors, moving parts, and electrical requirements costs much more to make than a standard desk (even one that you can adjust via human power). Fortunately, this one is quite affordable, even in comparison with some non-adjustable desks.

As we showed you in the table above, this desk can adjust between the heights of 28” and 46” high. If you’re someone who transitions between sitting and standing, someone with very tall legs, or even just someone who likes the easy adjustment options, then this desk is an excellent option.

While this is an excellent desk, it has one main drawback: while it’s expensive, it doesn’t have much in the way of extra features. Yes, it has a motorized adjustment function, but that’s all it has.

If, as a gamer, you’re just looking for a very basic desk, then you probably won’t mind this. However, if you’re looking for a gaming desk with extra gamer-friendly features, you’ll find that this desk lacks them.

SHW Electric Adjustable Computer Desk Features

That being said, if you really do want or need a motorized adjustable desk like this one, you can always purchase those extra bells and whistles later and add them on to the desk somehow. However, that will set you back even more money than you’ve spent already.

Unfortunately, this desk tends to be a bit shaky. Whether this is because of the T-shaped legs on this desk or just because of its construction isn’t terribly clear, but you should be prepared to push this desk completely against a wall if you don’t want it to rock or shake while you play (or work).

While the desk we feature in the list above is about 48” long and 24” deep, there is also a slightly larger version available from the same manufacturer. This larger version is 55” long and 28” deep, but only adjusts to 45” high instead of 46”. This is something to keep in mind.

Also, do keep in mind that the 48” version comes in both black and medium brown with black legs, while the 55” version comes in burgundy with black legs and also tan with white legs.

The Pros:

  • Inexpensive
  • Many customization options
  • Inexpensive

The Cons:

  • A bit boring

This modern office desk from Coleshome is very basic and no-nonsense. While some might call it boring, it’s also one of the least expensive options in our lineup, so its simplicity isn’t without merit. That being said, this is definitely a minimalist’s desk.

However, despite being a bit on the simple side, this desk is attractive, too – in a sleek, modern, understated sort of way. It doesn’t have that “classroom desk” look that you can sometimes run into with cheap computer desks. It’s well-made despite being inexpensive, too.

Unlike the previous desk, this one has the standard four straight legs that come with most desks and tables. While this won’t win you any awards for creativity, it does make the desk much more stable. Unlike many of the desks in our lineup, this one is available in three sizes, too!

Coleshome Modern Office Desk​ Features

The smallest version of this desk, the 47-inch version, is the one we’ve described in the list up above. However, it also comes in a 55-inch variety and a 63-inch variety for those who need a bit of extra space. If you have dual monitors, for example, you might want to upgrade to one of the bigger versions.

On top of the three size options, this desk comes in four colors, too. Along with the black metal legs, which are standard on each model, your tabletop color choices are black, white, walnut (light tan), and teak (red-brown).

All in all, this is an excellent, simple desk. It has a lot going for it, but it could also be too boring for some people. If you’re looking for a basic desk that can match any décor, though, this is a nice option. It comes at a great value, too.

The Pros:

  • Inexpensive
  • Many color options
  • Three sizes

The Cons:

  • Quality issues

This 55-inch desk from Tribesigns is very different from the 47-inch model we looked at before. Unlike the 47-inch desk, this one doesn’t have any extra shelves. However, in exchange for that, it has a great deal of customization.

Fundamentally, this desk is very similar to the Coleshome desk we looked at above. This Tribesigns desk also comes in two other sizes – the same sizes as the Coleshome desk, interestingly enough – and several other colors. However, unlike the Coleshome, this desk comes in nine other color varieties.

If you’re satisfied with the colors of the Coleshome desk, it’s superior to this Tribesigns desk in construction. While this Tribesigns desk is made of particleboard, the Coleshome is made with MDF. While MDF and particle board are quite similar, MDF is stronger and widely considered better.

Tribesigns 55 Inch Computer Desk Features

The Tribesigns desk does have a bit more in the way of style and matching options. For example, it comes with white-legged options and gold-legged options where the Coleshome desk does not. However, they share the same desktop finish options.

What makes this choice even harder is that the prices of these two desks are very similar. The prices vary a bit based on ongoing sales and which colors are the most available, but besides the differences in available leg colors, the styles are virtually indistinguishable.

Of course, if you’d prefer to have the sturdier Coleshome desk, it wouldn’t be difficult to just spray paint the legs to match whatever colors you need. However, the end decision is up to you. Either desk will stand up to wear over time, though the Coleshole desk will hold up to the abuse a bit better in the long run.

The Pros:

  • Several colors and designs
  • Waterproof glass construction

The Cons:

  • Glass is prone to shattering
  • Different models are different prices

This desk setup from Walker Edison is similar to the Z-Line Designs desk we looked at earlier, but it has some fundamental differences. Much like the Z-Line desk, this is a glass and metal setup, but this desk has significantly more style and color options than the Z-Line.

For one, this desk comes in five different glass colors. That’s right – you can choose from five different types of glass. On top of that, you have five frames and frame color options to choose from, too, and these frame options are pretty unique-looking, too. The glass color you pick matches your frame color, too.

The one catch is that not every glass color is available with every frame type. For example, if you’re interested in the “Alexa Curved” style frame (the one that looks suspiciously like the Star Trek communicator badge), it’s only available in black and silver.

By contrast, if you choose the X-style frame, you can choose black, black with clear glass, smokey grey, or white.

Walker Edison L Shaped Glass Desk​ Features

Unfortunately, the price of this desk differs vastly based on which design you choose to buy (and where you buy it, of course). If you’re interested in one of the inexpensive designs, this can definitely work in your favor.

However, if one of the more expensive ones catches your eye, you might be in an uncomfortable position.

Additionally, some of these desk designs have a support bar along the back of the desk. While this support bar helps to make the desk more steady, it can also act as an impediment if you have long legs. If you like to stretch your feet out beneath your desk, this bar might end up bothering you.

This desk is great both as a gaming desk and an office desk, but it does fit a bit more into the office category. It comes with a pull-out keyboard tray, but that’s the only accessory. However, the unique and quirky design options on this desk might outweigh that for some people.

The Pros:

  • Lots of storage in a small footprint

The Cons:

  • Calf-height shelf can get in the way
  • A bit pricy for a particleboard desk

This 60-inch desk from Tribesigns is the final entry from Tribesigns that we’ll feature in this list. Unlike the others, this desk has attached side shelves for storage. It also has a calf-height shelf underneath the main desk area.

As we mentioned with the first Tribesigns desk, having a shelving area beneath the main desktop has its strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, it’s a great use of space that’s often wasted in other desks, but if you have long legs, the shelf can easily get in the way.

You can rest your feet on top of it if there’s room on the shelf, but you can also end up bumping your calves into the shelf’s edge. This isn’t a pleasant experience!

However, don’t forget the extra shelves on the side of this desk. These shelves are sizes specifically to be appropriate for a desktop computer tower. While not all desktops will fit, of course, it’s an excellent storage solution – and a great way to keep your precious PC up and off the floor – if it does fit on the shelves.

Tribesigns 60 Inch Computer Desk​ Features

There are three total shelves connected to the side of this desk. Of course, you can put just about anything on the shelves, but the top two shelves don’t necessarily have clearly-designed purposes like the bottom one.

This desk comes in three different color styles: black on black, walnut on black, and white on white. Those color options should be able to fit most décor, though, as with most of the desks on this list, you don’t have any variety on leg color.

While this desk is a bit wide in terms of raw measurements – this is because of the extra side shelves, of course – it actually makes an excellent space-saving desk. The extra shelves on the side give a lot of all-important real estate for small rooms. That’s where the niche of this desk is.

The Pros:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes in two colors

The Cons:

  • Some may not like the footrest area

Next on our list, we have a very unique offer from a brand called Origami. This multi-purpose desk actually disassembles and folds, making it great for people who are often on the move, who live in small spaces, or really, just anyone who could benefit from an easily-transportable desk.

If you’ve watched HSN, you may have seen this desk featured there before.

As you might have predicted, the first step to disassembling this desk is to remove the desktop. The desktop stays in one piece, and it can be a bit bulky and heavy, but since it’s flat, it’s easy to slide behind or beneath a couch or even in the back of a closet.

From there, all you do is bring the two vertical sides of the desk together. The top and bottom shelves of the desk fold in half, and the frame itself folds relatively flat. The desk also features a locking mechanism that will keep it either folded or unfolded depending on which position it’s in.

Origami Multi Purpose Foldable Desk Featues

If you don’t particularly need a desk that’s easy to move, this desk is still an excellent choice. The final product is sturdy and works well as a computer desk. Additionally, since the lower shelf is quite low to the ground, you’re less likely to bump it with your calves.

It seems that the lower shelf is meant to be a place to rest your feet anyway, so if you’re looking for a desk with a footrest, you can consider this one.

Another thing to consider with this desk is that it’s an excellent choice for older individuals or anyone who might have trouble assembling a standard desk.

This desk only has three assembly steps: unlock the desk, unfold it, and secure the desktop. As such, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who can’t (or simply doesn’t want to) deal with a complicated assembly process.

The Pros:

  • Space-saving
  • Inexpensive
  • Several shelves

The Cons:

  • Might be too small for some
  • Looks like a school desk
  • The dreaded calf shelf

If you’re looking for a true space-saving desk, look no further. This Clifton desk from Flash Furniture is one of the smallest desks in our entire lineup, so it’s great for spaces where you might not be able to fit a standard-sized desk. However, there are, predictably, some drawbacks as a result of that.

This desk has several extra shelves that help to make up for the reduced surface area of this desk. There’s one monitor shelf above the desktop itself, and there’s a calf-height shelf below, too. As we’ve talked about, these calf-height shelves tend to be something that people either hate or love.

Unfortunately, while this desk is undoubtedly a space-saver, it also tends to have an undeniable “classroom” look. It looks a lot more like a classroom desk than a computer desk, partially because it’s so narrow. The legs on this desk have a bit of a strange design, too.

This desk does come in three different colors, all paired with silver legs. The colors are black, maple (light tan), rustic walnut (medium brown), and white. Painting the legs a different color might be able to mitigate the classroom look a little bit, but there’s no telling whether it would work for sure or not.

Flash Furniture Clifton Computer Desk​ Features

Because this desk is so narrow, it definitely cannot support dual monitors. You would need to mount one on a support arm or on the wall behind this desk.

However, since there’s a monitor shelf, you can easily move your monitor to the shelf to free up space on the desktop itself. If you write, draw, work, or anything similar on your desk, you’ll find this to be a useful component.

Another thing to keep in mind is that wider individuals may not find this desk very comfortable. Even taller people might find that this desk doesn’t suit them. There’s neither much legroom or much arm room if you prefer to rest your arms on the desk.

However, the good news is that this smaller footprint means this desk is very, very cheap – the cheapest option in our lineup.

As far as budget desks go, this is a great option, and with the two extra shelves it has, it even has more space available than some larger desks. It truly shines in small spaces that may not be able to fit a larger desk.

Gaming Desks

These desks have a very different look and feel from the desks we’ve featured so far. For one, they have an assortment of accessories that are great for gamers, from headset stands to cupholders to wireless chargers and more. While they’re not the most subtle of desks in the world, they’re definitely cool.

If you’re looking for bells and whistles and don’t mind a desk that’s a bit more ostentatious, look no further. You’ll find the best gaming desks below.

The Pros:

  • Reasonable size
  • Good mix of gamer and office style
  • Ergonomic

The Cons:

  • Strange shape might bother some users

Atlantic Gaming manufactures several desks that gamers will like, and the Eclipse is an excellent example. Atlantic Gaming also manufactures two similar versions of this desk – one that’s 45 inches and one that’s 52 inches.

The desks have many similar features but differ slightly in design. Of the three, the Eclipse is our favorite for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the Eclipse is the middle size between all three desk models. When it goes on sale, it’s quite affordable, so watch out for that. The main difference between this model and its sister models is the characteristics it offers.

Unlike the other two iterations of this desk, the Eclipse has no monitor stand. If a monitor stand is an important addition to you, you may want to consider buying either the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro (the 52-inch model) or the Atlantic Gaming Desk (the 45-inch model).

Alternatively, you could purchase an aftermarket monitor stand and mount it on this desk.

Unlike the Atlantic Gaming Desk, which is the basic model, the Eclipse is built around ergonomics. The entire desk is shaped something like a squished crescent moon, so you can get up close to it while you’re gaming. It has four sturdy, straight legs, too, meaning it’s solid and stable when you type on it.

Atlantic Gaming Eclipse Original Gaming Desk Features

Unlike its sister models, the Eclipse does have twin speaker stands on each side of where your monitor would be. While separate speakers are less common nowadays than they used to be, they’re great for those who need them. If you don’t plan to use speakers, they’re perfectly viable storage shelves instead.

This desk and its sister models also have the prerequisite gamer accessories – the headset hook, the cupholder, and the cable management slots. As a nice bonus, the Eclipse also has a rear stand for holding controllers or physical game cases.

It also has two shelves underneath the desk itself; one is for storing a power strip at the rear of the desk, while one sits under the front of the desk to hold games or other accessories.

Unfortunately, this basket doesn’t function as a keyboard tray. The entire desk is coated in a mock carbon fiber texture that’s stylish if a bit annoying (you can’t use most mice on it). Most “gaming” desks come with this texture today, though.

All in all, this desk makes a great start on our list of gaming desks. While it’s clearly a desk meant for PC gamers, it’s not too obvious, either. The desk overall is subtle and should blend well into most rooms.

The Pros:

  • R-shaped frame is visually interesting
  • Sturdy and stable

The Cons:

  • Price isn’t great for what you get

This gaming desk from Mr. IRONSTONE is another great step into the realm of gaming desks. This one comes in black and white (unlike the previous desk, which only comes in black). It appears that the white version is intended to appeal to female gamers, but both desks are plain enough to be used for any gender.

Like the Eclipse above, this gaming desk also comes with the trifecta: a headset hook, a cupholder, and cable management solutions. However, that’s all this desk has. It doesn’t have the full range of accessories like some other entries in our list, but some buyers might prefer that.

This desk does have one standout feature: it sands on an “R-shaped” frame. If you’ve never seen such a desk frame before, it doesn’t look like the letter R; it looks a lot like the letter Y but turned upside down.

We’re not sure why it’s not called a “Y-shaped” frame, but the important thing here is the function of the R-shaped frame.

Mr. IRONSTONE Gaming Desk Features

The R-shaped frame has a bit more visual interest than straight legs, and it can also fold away in some desk models. These legs are stationary, but they’re also quite stable, too. Of the many frame types in this list, the R-shaped frame is one of the more stable options.

All in all, this desk is definitely a solid option. It’s not super interesting visually, but it’s not boring either. It doesn’t break the bank, and it still says “gamer” without screaming “gamer.” The price is a little unimpressive, but otherwise, it’s an excellent desk.

The Pros:

  • Cool-looking
  • Integrated power strip

The Cons:

  • One color only
  • Some quality issues

If you’re looking for a severe, dark, modern-looking desk that’s still clearly a gamer’s desk, look no further than this option from Sedeta. Despite being an average price, this desk comes packed with extra features.

This desk has the trifecta, of course, but it also has a large monitor stand (capable of holding large monitors or monitors and speakers) and an integrated power strip. It also comes with the dreaded calf-height shelf, but hey, maybe some buyers will like this.

This desk doesn’t come in any other colors but black, but it’s so nice looking that we really don’t mind. This is also the only desk in our lineup with an integrated power strip within the desk itself. Some of our other desks have places to keep a power strip, but none of them have one actually built-in!

Sedeta Gaming Desk Features

This desk has an interesting hybrid leg style. The rear two legs are straight legs, but the front legs are X-shaped. This desk is about as stable as a four-legged desk, but with a bit more visual interest.

To be fair, that’s really all this desk has going for it, though. The power strip is very nice, and the legs are very interesting, but there seem to be some uncommon quality control issues that might plague your desk. For a pretty average price, this desk might seem great for some people, but others won’t like it.

The Pros:

  • Very futuristic
  • Programmable LEDs
  • Sturdy and lightweight (aluminum legs)

The Cons:

  • A bit pricy
  • Tends to collect fingerprints

If you’re looking for the “king” of all gaming desks, look no further than the R1-S. This line of desks from EUREKA isn’t just chock-full of features and gadgets, it looks like something akin to a transformer, too!

This desk is even equipped with programmable LED lights (do keep in mind that only the lights on the R1-S are programmable; the LEDs on both the X1-S and the Z1-S are blue LEDs only and cannot be changed).

Like one of the desks we’ve looked at already, this desk comes with R-shaped legs. However, the other two versions of this desk, aptly named the Z1-S and X1-S after the shapes of their legs, come with different leg shapes.

You can probably guess which is which. The R1-S is the highest quality of the three sister desks, despite being the middle in price.

EUREKA Ergonomic R1 S Computer Desk Features

Unlike nearly all of the desks in our lineup, the R1-S has aluminum alloy legs. As you may already know, aluminum is incredibly lightweight in addition to being sturdy.

As such, you may find that, in addition to its plastic components, the aluminum on this model makes it very easy to move and transport (though it still is, and will always be, bulky without a folding mechanism).

With its black-and-silver appearance and rainbow LED lights, this desk looks very futuristic. However, it’s not so decked out in lights and colors that it looks ugly, either. Though it’s definitely not a subtle desk, it’s attractive in a very obvious way.

All in all, if you’re looking at this line of EUREKA desks, we do recommend getting the R1-S because of its extra features. The programmable LEDs are a very nice touch, but this gaming desk has the trifecta, of course, as well as a large mousepad and a game rack included.

While it might be too futuristic-looking for some people, it’s definitely a head-turner, and many PC gamers will like that.

The Pros:

  • Two (accent) color options
  • Sturdy desk

The Cons:

  • Misleading description
  • Support bar can get in the way

This Z-legged gaming desk from YIGOBUY is our first real example of color customizability in these gaming desks. One of the desks we looked at earlier had choices between black and white, but no real colorful options.

While you can’t change the base black color of black on this desk, you can choose between red and blue accent colors. Both look very nice and match well with similarly-colored gaming chairs.

This gaming desk, like our others so far, does come with the trifecta. However, it says it also comes with a controller rack, which is unfortunately not the case.

It’s disappointing both that the documentation of this desk is false and that it doesn’t come with such a rack, but anyone who doesn’t use controllers while gaming won’t be bothered by this.

YIGOBUY Computer Gaming Desk​ Features

Since this desk has Z-shaped legs, it’s quite sturdy. The Z-shaped leg is very comfortable to sit under, but do keep in mind that there’s a support bar across the rear of the legs to help them stay steady. While this bar is great for strengthening the desk, it can be an impediment for the knees of those with long legs.

Aside from the misleading description, this is a decent all-around desk. The color options are a bit disappointing, and you could easily argue that the price isn’t too justified, but it’s still a solid, average option.

The Pros:

  • Large gaming surface
  • Desktop mousepad
  • Game and controller rack included

The Cons:

  • Only 1 color (2 designs)
  • A bit wobbly

There are several strange gaming desks in the market that come with whole-desk mousepads. While we’ve had some trouble getting used to this design choice, it’s not a bad idea overall.

These mousepads, for the most part, are waterproof where the desktops themselves are not, and the end result doesn’t look bad. This racing-style desk from Vitesse is one of those desks.

Firstly, this desk is quite wide. While it has T-shaped legs, our least favorite option, it seems that that’s what you get when you order such a wide desk. T-shaped legs don’t require support across the back of the desk, which people with long legs will enjoy despite the wobbliness of the desk.

Vitesse Racing Style Gaming Desk​ Features

Like the other options in our lineup, this desk also comes with the trifecta. However, this one does come with a controller and game rack after saying so in its description!

Additionally, since this desk is so wide, it has more than enough room for two monitors. You might even be able to fit three small gaming monitors onto this desk.

While this desk only comes in red and black, it does come in two different designs. All in all, as far as extra-large gaming surfaces are concerned, this really is not a bad option. It’s a bit pricy, but that makes sense for the extra size you get with this desk.

As long as you’re willing to deal with red and black, consider this desk a strong contender. While the size of this desk is its main attractive feature, if you’re not in the market for a large desk, it comes in a 44-inch size, too.

The Pros:

  • High quality
  • Adjustable legs
  • Several color options
  • Supple, desk-wide mousepad

The Cons:

  • Very expensive
  • Missing a cupholder and headset rack

This Arena desk from Arozzi is a bit of a special contender, and it’s the last true gaming desk on our list, too. While it’s not motorized, it’s the only other true adjustable desk in our lineup.

To make it taller or shorter, you’ll need to go down and raise or lower it by manpower alone, but taller individuals will appreciate this feature, as will people who like to change their desk height for any reason.

However, this desk also is missing two members of the trifecta. This gaming desk has neither a cupholder nor a headset rack included. While these features would be relatively easy to attach on your own, for such an expensive desk, it’s a definite bummer that they don’t come included.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Features

Fortunately, this desk does have a range of color options to choose from, which does make up for its lack of features a bit – more color options than any of our other gaming desks on this list. It comes in black (with red accents), blue, green, pure black, red, and white.

Keep in mind that all models come with a black mousepad, and the desktop surface itself is black, too. The red and black models both have a red design on the mousepad.

Unfortunately, as this desk has T-shaped legs, it can also fall prone to a bit of wobbliness. However, this is the trade-off you get in return for having height-adjustable legs.

If the legs are crucial to you, it’ll be worth this extra wobble. This desk is also wide enough for three monitors, which is great for gamers who like the three (or more) monitor setup.

Miscellaneous Desks

Just because we’re done looking at gaming desks doesn’t mean we’re finished with this list yet. We have just two desks left to look at that didn’t fit into either of the former categories. We’ll go into these two misfit desks a bit more below.

The Pros:

  • Great for couch gaming
  • Waterproof
  • Unique

The Cons:

  • Questionable as a full-time desktop solution
  • Expensive for its size

This lap desk from Couchmaster might be the last thing you’d picture when thinking of a gaming desk, but it’s still chock-full of gaming solutions that any couch-loving gamer is sure to like.

Unlike most lap desks, this model is made to function with a standard keyboard and mouse, not a laptop. It works great when hooked up to your TV, but you might need to invest in some USB extenders before it’ll reach, depending on where you put your tower.

It’s definitely not too common to have your desktop computer hooked up to your TV permanently. However, after seeing this little desk setup, we can’t deny that we’d like to try it!

The lap desk is made with faux-leather-coated cushions for comfort, and the desktop itself is a heavy molded plastic for durability. This means that the desktop is waterproof and spill-proof, too.

Couchmaster CYCON Gaming Lap Desk​ Features

While this desk doesn’t have a headset rack or a cupholder due to its size, it does have an elastic pocket on the side that’s great for holding an extra item. You could slide one side of a headset into here to keep it in place, or you could use it as a bottle holder, as well.

We wouldn’t recommend keeping cans in here, of course, but you could if you wanted to. It does have internal cable management solutions, which you might not expect in a desk like this!

All in all, while not everyone might consider this a permanent desktop solution, it’s certainly something to think about. If you’re a happy couch gamer or you’ll be playing some multiplayer games, this is definitely an option to consider.

The only caveat is that it’s rather expensive for a few cushions and a slab of plastic, but what more can you expect when they’re more or less cornered the market?

The Pros:

  • Easy transition between sitting and standing
  • Outfits a desk you already own
  • Inexpensive

The Cons:

  • Some sizing issues
  • Not a true desktop solution

This desk converter from SHW isn’t really a true desk, per se, since it isn’t really meant to be used on its own. Technically, if you wanted to set up a gaming station on the floor, you could use this as a stow-and-go desk solution, but that’s not its purpose.

This is a desk converter, which is meant to easily turn a stationary desk from a sitting desk into a standing desk without the need for motors or difficult adjustments.

The reason why we’ve included this converter in the lineup is that it’s very inexpensive as far as converters go. Normally, sit-to-stand converters are a bit pricy, but this one’s rather affordable.

While we’d imagine that gamers who like to stand while they work are uncommon, you might want one if you also work at your gaming station.

SHW Adjustable Sit to Standing Desk Converter​ Features

This converter comes with some nice features, from a phone and tablet stand to a convenient keyboard tray. Do keep in mind that the size of the keyboard tray in these pictures is deceiving, though; it cannot fit a full-sized keyboard and a mouse at the same time.


We listed a lot of desks and desk solutions in this guide. Because they’re all so diverse, it can be tough to compare them against each other. However, there has to be a final verdict and a final winner. So, how did the desks in this guide stack up?

Well, our favorite for the best all-around gaming desk is the EUREKA Ergonomic R1-S gaming desk. This desk comes with all of the bells and whistles as well as some great organizational solutions.

While there are still some things we don’t like about it, like the plastic areas on the sides of the desktop, it really has that look of a serious gaming desk, and that means everything.

Gaming Desks Buying Guide

Our winner of the best value award is the Flash Furniture Clifton computer desk. This is a half-size, space-saving desk that’s excellent for fitting into small, otherwise-inaccessible spaces.

It’s very affordable, and since it brings the opportunity of a gaming desk to people who otherwise might not have room for one, we can’t help but recognize that.

Computer Desks

And finally, our premium pick is the Arozzi Arena gaming desk. While this desk doesn’t give you very many extras for such a high price, you can’t deny that the quality of this desk is all there.

This is why it’s our premium pick: you’re going to have to spend extra on things like a headphone stand, a cupholder, and LED lights to bring this desk to what you want it to be, but you’ll already be starting with a high-quality product.

Computer Desks Buying Guide

Besides those three winners, you can’t go wrong with any of the picks in our lineup. For example, if we had an award for the most fun product, we would absolutely give it to the Couchmaster CYCON lap desk!

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