Danmachi Memoria Freese Tier List

Use the best characters in Danmachi Memoria Freese in order to win more often. Here is the best Danmachi Memoria Freese tier list of all time.

Do you want to build the best team you can to face the toughest challenges in the world of Orario?

If you’re looking to take on the game’s toughest challenges, then use this tier list as a guide to the best and worst characters in the game.

Note: Time-exclusive units are excluded from this list as their availability varies per season.

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S Tier 2
  • Black Fist Lunor Faust
  • Elf’s Honor Lefiya Veridis
  • Crimson Tempest Ais Wallenstein
  • Dressed Royal Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Virgin Goddess Artemis
  • Roaring Gale Ryu Lion
  • Knight Elf Ryu Lion
  • Echoing Arrow Liliruca Arde
  • Passionately Postal Tione Hiryute
  • Gallant Fighter Chloe Lolo
  • Faithful Mage Line Arshe


A Tier 2
  • Moonlight Oath Bell Cranel
  • Crimson Dress Tione Hiryute
  • Mighty King Ottarl
  • Honor Succession Bell Cranel
  • Longing Bride Liliruca Arde
  • Smithy Expert Welf Crozzo
  • Gorgeous Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Blustering Beauty Tiona Hiryute
  • Holy White Royal Riveria Ljos Alf
  • Fushi-kaden Hitachi Chigusa
  • Gale Disguised Ryu Lion
  • Almighty Fighter Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Brave Swordsman Finn Deimne
  • Honor Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Lovely Travel Liliruca Arde
  • Blushing Peony Tione Hiryute
  • Casino Lady Shakti Varma
  • Brave Fighter Anya Fromel
  • Medicinal Archer Naza Ersuisu


B Tier 2
  • Sparkle Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Elven Awakening Lefiya Viridis
  • Twinkle Stream Tione Hiryute
  • Amber Sunflower Tiona Hiryute
  • Secret Onsen Hitachi Chigusa
  • Gale Ryu Lion
  • White Flash Anakitty Autumn
  • Geisha Elf Lefiya Viridis
  • Enjoy Onsen Liliruca Arde
  • Cute Elf Filvis Challia
  • Blessed Elf Filvis Challia
  • Bathroom Princess Ais Wallenstein


C Tier 2
  • Black Cat Chloe Lolo
  • Onsen Princess Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Thunderous Perseus Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Superior Reign Ottarl
  • King Ottarl
  • Sailor Princess Asfi Al Andromeda
  • Feline Lancer Anya Fromel
  • Will of Iron Kashima Ouka
  • Masked Braver Finn Deimne
  • Royal Elf Riveria Ljos Alf
  • The Shadow Fels


D Tier 2
  • Bunny Princess Ais Wallenstein
  • Heroic Liaris Ais Wallenstein
  • Argonaut Bell Cranel
  • Silver Moonshadow Bete Loga
  • Classy Gentlemen Finn Deimne
  • Iron Warrior Tsubaki Collbrande
  • Bashful Elf Lefiya Viridis
  • Maenad’s Maiden Filvis Challia
  • Incantation Lefiya Viridis
  • Disguised Pallum Liliruca Arde


F Tier 2
  • Dancing Blessing Tiona Hiryute
  • Howling Blade Welf Crozzo
  • Samurai Kunoichi Yamato Mikoto
  • Dea Saint Amid Teasanare

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