The Alchemist Code Tier List

Get an overview of the best units in The Alchemist Code with a tier list. We have created the ultimate The Alchemist Code tier list for that purpose.

The Alchemist Code is a deep strategy RPG that rewards precise tactics both on and off the battlefield.

The battles in the game are nerve-wracking, but success at the highest level does not end there. To conquer the game’s toughest challenges, you must also be able to leverage your team’s unique combination of elements and jobs.

With such a wide roster of characters, it can be overwhelming for the average player to form their dream team. To help with this, we’ve made a tier list that ranks the individual prowess of every unit from best to worst.

With this as your guide, you’ll have a firm understanding of the game’s current meta then build your team around that. Let’s get right to it.

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S Tier 3

The best characters in the game right now. They are the most viable in their element class and have access to jobs that will synergize well with most roster combinations.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
AsukaFireNoble Vanguard, Valkyrie, Holy Cavalier
FuuFireFire Sprite, Blacksmith, Blademaster
LisanautFireShackled Axe, Warrior, Holy Brawler
ChihayaFireDancer, Samurai, Chronomancer
AdaleighFireEngineering Alchemist, Warrior, Blacksmith
MiraFireIntemporal Alchemist, Enchanter, Battle Mage
CadanovaFireDragon Slayer, Dragon Knight, Flame Dragon King
IconaFireMagic Mecha Engineer, Professor, Machinist
GilfredFireSacred Knight, Battle Mage, Dark Cavalier
RochelleFireRaging Fire Barbados, Holy Cavalier, Holy Brawler
NoahFireBattle Mage, Chemist, Pirate
PamelaFirePyro Meister, Bishop, Priestess
EinsWaterDragonbane Master, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
EmrysWaterAlchemia Scholar, Sage, Battle Mage
Dark MiraWaterIntemporal Sorcerer of Sloth, Shadow Assassin, Summoner 
VodaWaterWater Sprite, Priestess, Dancer
YaurasWaterTwin-Blade Knight, Martial Artist, Twin-Blade Swordsman
JuliaWaterPure Water Vanguard, Blademaster, Necromancer
RavinaWaterMagia Gunslinger, Thief, Dark Cavalier
LetitiaWaterAqua Meister, Merchant, Sacred Knight
EiraWaterChild of the Woods, Wild Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
Dark LonginusWaterDark Lance Princess, Sacred Spearman, Spy
AnkhWaterPure Water Gun Spearman, Pirate, Dark Cavalier
LisbethWaterApprentice Witch, Witch, Snow Witch
Dark NyxWindChronometric Sorcerer of Sloth, Sage, Necromancer
Red VIWindBloodreaver, Warrior, Holy Brawler
TamisWindWind Priestess of Alize, Dancer, Chronomancer
MacherieWindShrine Monarch, Wild Beast Tamer, Professor
EulaliaWindForest Specter Alchemist, Spy, Sniper
LeafahWindZephyr Meister, Bard, Professor
NatalieWindProfessor, Bishop, Battle Mage
LeoniazWindSacred Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier
RahuWindChronomancer, Bishop, Enchanter
GeraldThunderThunder Gun Spearman, Holy Brawler, Dragon Cavalier
JudithThunderMecha Weapon Technician, Dark Cavalier, Machinist
CorvusThunderShadow Assassin, Blademaster, Dark Cavalier
CassiusThunderHidden Beast Emperor, Valkyrie, Sacred Spearman
Dark JuliaThunderGluttonous Vanguard, Berserker, Dark Cavalier
NyxThunderChronometric Alchemist, Summoner, Enchanter
LilithThunderGodslayer, Shadow Assassin, Spy
Dark OthimaThunderPhantom Master of Greed, Merchant, Battle Mage
VierThunderPhantom Artist, Chronomancer, Summoner
TiferetLightArchangel, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage
RaphtaliaLightSword of the Shield Hero, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
BlairLightArtificer, Machinist, Sniper
SpicaLightWarrior, Thief, Dragon Cavalier
EmmelLightPurifying Alchemist, Bishop, Summoner
CherylLightHoly Hierophant, Wild Beast Tamer, Magic Meister
NinaLightSummoner, Battle Mage, Magic Meister
NeicaLightBattle Mage, Magic Swordsman, Sage
LogiLightSoldier, Holy Knight, Honorable Blue Swordsman
HishamLightGeomancer, Crafter, Pirate
NeroDarkDestroyer of Darkness, Merchant, Battle Mage
SolDarkTruthsayer, Magic Swordsman, Shadow Assassin
Dark ZeinDarkLord Commander of Pride, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
Zheng YiDarkNoble Scion, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
ElizaDarkImperious Queen, Magic Meister, Summoner
Naofumi IwataniDarkShield Hero, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant
Lil’ OuroborosDarkContinental Observer, Sage, Abyss Gazer
ZaharDarkDark Knight, Dragon Knight, Dark Cavalier
IkasaDarkSecret Knight, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier


A Tier 3

These units still constitute a large part of the current meta. They are excellent in their own right, but not to the point of being overpowered.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
LupinusFireSummoner, Chronomancer, Sage
MorriganFireLady of Cinders, Summoner, Battle Mage
ArthurFireTruthseeking Hero, Holy Brawler, Holy Cavalier
CourageFireSniper, Crafter, Dark Knight
Don TarasFireDon of Little Heaven, Warrior, Holy Cavalier
MiunaFireMaster Blacksmith, Thief, Holy Cavalier
DaisyFireSacred Spearman, Crafter, Holy Brawler
CarlaFireRaging Fire Rakshasa, Valkyrie, Necromancer
HazelFireMachinist, Magic Swordsman, Ranger
IlaFireMagic Meister, Ninja, Magic Gunslinger
EmmaFireDiviner, Enchanter, Astrologer
Dark SetsunaFireEnvious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy
FuryFireCurse Cannon Master, Professor, Shadow Assassin
Dark MasamuneFireDark-steel Princess, Dark Cavalier, Berserker
ReimeiFireNinja, Martial Artist, Samurai
EvelikaWaterImpinging Blade, Warrior, Ninja
LofiaWaterMagic Swordsman, Enchanter, Chronomancer
LonginusWaterSacred Spearman, Dark Knight, Dragon Cavalier
MerlinusWaterDisingenuous Hero, Bard, Dark Cavalier
Melty MelromarcWaterSecond Princess Melromarc, Sage, Chronomancer
SorenWaterDivine Speaker
LamiaWaterSpearman, Holy Knight, Dragon Knight
SelenaWaterIce Swordsman, Magic Swordsman, Ice Princess
MinarioWaterPure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy
AlaiaWaterPure Water Gall Shooter, Ranger, Spy            
ShaynaWaterHoly Brawler, Dragon Knight, Chronomancer
GinoWaterPure Water Rakshasa, Spy, Bridegroom        
AchtWind7 Tactics Master, Valkyrie, Ninja                      
SetsunaWindEnvious Blademaster, Holy Brawler, Spy       
NefertitiWindSage, Battle Mage, Diviner
ZweiWindBeast Shadow Master, Bard, Battle Mage    
BaltWindTwin-Blade Swordsman, Thief, Dark Cavalier
TamamoWindShrine Maiden, Mage, Ranger
ScheherezadeWindSage, Dancer, Magic Swordsman
ShionWindNoble Emissary, Merchant, Shadow Assassin
SeidaWindVenom Archer, Hunter, Ninja
KingWindGrizzly Sin, Martial Master, Sage                      
MoccaWindAlize Wind Lancer, Valkyrie, Dragon Cavalier                           
Dark ParashuWindDark-Axe Princess, Holy Cavalier, Spy             
Dark ArtemisWindDark-Archer Princess, Sniper, Magic Meister                           
LucianWindBeast Tamer, Martial Artist, Holy Brawler
PattyWindBard, Dancer, Enchanter
Dark FreikugelThunderDark-Gun Princess, Magia Gunslinger, Battle Mage               
RoxanneThunderShadow Broker, Machinist, Spy
DreiThunderFlorid Mortician, Ninja, Magic Meister          
OrionThunderLion Monarch, Sacred Spearman, Warrior    
LuciaThunderMagic Meister, Beast Tamer, Dark Cavalier
AngeThunderBard, Priest, Dancer                 
LotiyahThunderWild Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler   
TeonaThunderValkyrie, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier           
RebeccaThunderMage, Magic Meister, Diviner                           
EdgarThunderGunner, Drifter, Hard-Boiled Man                   
Dark LaevateinnThunderDark-Edge Princess, Twin-Blade Swordsman , Dark Cavalier
FujikaThunderChronomancer, Enchanter, Battle Mage       
AlmaLightMagic Martial Artist, Chronomancer, Shadow Assassin       
SiegfriedLightWandering Swordsman, Holy Brawler, Magic Swordsman 
Dark TyrfingLightDark-Blade Princess, Dragon Knight, Warrior                           
MielikkiLightEnchanter, Mage, Bishop       
Su YiLightSea Buster, Blacksmith, Necromancer           
TyrfingLightSoldier, Holy Knight, Holy Cavalier                   
HangeLightScout Member, Wild Beast Tamer, Merchant                          
AmbrosiaDarkEverlasting Witch, Chronomancer, Summoner                       
LunarisDarkDark Curse, Valkyrie, Necromancer                
BasheenyDarkMobile Knight, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Holy Brawler          
MeliodasDarkDragon Sin, Dragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier  
LeviDarkScout Member, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Blademaster        
Dark ChloeDark‎Scarlet Flame War Princess of Wrath, Holy Cavalier, Berserker        
Dark ZainDarkLord Commander of Pride, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier            
RosaDarkDark Knight, Dragon Cavalier, Ninja


B Tier 3

These are good units that do their respective jobs well enough to round out your party. Some of them also have decent utility attached to them so you can create versatile party combinations.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
SakuraFireBlademaster, Ninja, Warrior 
KamuiFireHoly Brawler, Spiritbonder    
MasamuneFireSamurai, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier                     
VettelFireMagic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier, Samurai   
VargasFireSoldier, Pyromancer, Great Pyromancer      
BanFireFox Sin, Holy Cavalier, Warrior
MeldaFireBeast Tamer, Thief, Samurai
ShekinahFireRanger, Hunter, Holy Brawler                            
CretoFireSpy, Shadow Assassin, Dragon Cavalier
Liu ShenFireFlaming Gun Spearman, Blacksmith, Holy Cavalier                
ArkilFireThief, Beast Tamer, Magic Swordsman
ErenFireScout Member, Warrior, Necromancer         
ZangetsuFireSamurai, Martial Artist, Dragon Cavalier       
EveFireBride, Chronomancer, Holy Brawler               
DorotheaFireNecromancer, Magic Swordsman, Warrior
DianeWaterSerpent Sin, Holy Brawler, Warrior                  
ZehnWaterBlade Swordmaster, Blacksmith, Blademaster
ItsukiWaterSpy, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier                     
ElizabethWaterProfessor, Chronomancer, Bishop                   
ForcasWaterValkyrie, Spearman, Holy Brawler                   
RenWaterPure Water’s Flashing Sword, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Spy
Fung LiuWaterMage, Sage, Enchanter           
SophiaWaterAstrologer, Bishop, Enchanter
KevinWaterBattle Mage, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist             
ShenmeiWaterPirate, Thief, Crafter
AlmaceWaterEradicator, Bishop, Magic Meister                  
EnnisWaterPriest, Chemist, Dancer
MikasaWaterScout Member, Warrior, Berserker
D’ArtagnanWaterSacred Spearman, Ninja, Valkyrie                    
OthimaWaterPhantom Master, Enchanter, Sage                  
Dancer ShenmeiWaterDancer, Merchant, Gunner   
FayreneWindNecromancer, Dancer, Samurai                        
ArtemisWindRanger, Dancer, Machinist
ParashuWindBerserker, Samurai, Warrior 
UzumaWindTelekinetic Artist, Shrine Maiden, Magia Gunslinger            
WilhelmWindFresh Wind Trickster, Ninja, Magic Meister 
SuiranWindBlacksmith, Beast Tamer, Machinist               
BashosenWindMachinist, Ninja, Sniper
HayateWindHunter, Martial Artist, Ninja 
CitaWindWarrior, Martial Artist, Pirate                           
IzayoiWindWild Beast Tamer, Samurai, Holy Cavalier    
RamsesWindDragon Cavalier, Dark Cavalier, Thief             
LizardmanWindLizardman, Hunter, Warrior  
CelineWindMage, Bishop, Chronomancer                          
HiiragiWindWintry Kunoichi, Ranger, Spy
MagnusThunderGunner, Machinist, Ninja
Yna KuThunderCrafty Alchemist, Holy Brawler, Berserker   
LaevateinnThunderDark Knight, Ninja, Dark Cavalier                     
ZofiaThunderNecromancer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier          
CarisThunderGunner, Crafter, Sniper          
BlitzThunderTelekinetic Artist, Spy, Dark Cavalier              
YuriThunderBlademaster, Ninja, Machinist                          
EizanThunderBlacksmith, Samurai, Holy Brawler
Mei FangThunderMartial Master, Thief, Dark Cavalier               
VanekisThunderThief, Mage, Enchanter
MegistosThunderCrafter, Bishop, Gunner         
DenebThunderAstrologer, Crafter, Magic Swordsman         
ProtectorLightProtector, Beast Tamer, Valkyrie                     
RyleLightRanger, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Beast Tamer                        
WonLightSpy, Martial Artist, Pirate       
GowtherLightGoat Sin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Shadow Assassin             
CarolLightMachinist, Hunter, Merchant
FreedLightSoldier, Martial Artist, Dragon Knight            
ErosLightRanger, Thief, Sniper               
BudLightBlue Glare Knight, Blademaster, Holy Cavalier                         
FairilyLightDiviner, Shrine Maiden, Merchant                  
ZainLightLord Commander, Magic Swordsman, Holy Cavalier             
FraiseLightBridegroom, Samurai, Holy Cavalier               
AishaLightMagic Meister, Sage, Shadow Assassin         
WaginauLightCorrupter of Souls, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Manipulator of Souls            
AnastasiaDarkDark Knight, Crafter, Dark Cavalier                  
KudansteinDarkDemonic Spearman, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier                   
GlanzDarkNinja, Dark Cavalier, Samurai
PriscillaDarkSacred Spearman, Samurai, Spy                       
ReidoDarkMagic Meister, Magic Swordsman, Sage      
HozukiDarkProfessor, Bard, Telekinetic Artist                   
MirianneDarkNecromancer, Dark Knight, Merchant           
AlbeaDarkMachinist, Thief, Sniper          
AswaldDarkShadow Assassin, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Gunner              
JinDarkSpy, Samurai, Warrior              
Dark Princess YomiDarkRanger, Samurai, Merchant  
BerthaDarkBoom Technician, Crafter, Ranger                   


C Tier 3

These are your average units that are serviceably in most roles you want them to take on.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
InesFirePriestess, Bard, Sage                
ViviFireMagia Gunslinger, Gunner, Sage                     
LambertFireSoldier, Thief, Holy Knight     
StrieFireThief, Gunner, Magic Swordsman                   
VelozFireCrafter, Thief, Bridegroom    
JakeFireMage, Bard, Chemist               
CielFireThief, Shrine Maiden, Bishop
YutoFireBeast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Warrior                       
RichieFireSoldier, Hunter, Crafter          
AlyuFireBard, Bishop, Chemist             
TethysWaterMartial Master, Ninja, Necromancer             
ElaineWaterHunter, Thief, Gunner             
Chat NoirWaterShadow Assassin, Thief, Dark Cavalier            
MikotoWaterPriestess, Ninja, Valkyrie        
ChiruruWaterAstrologer, Bard, Sage             
MizuchiWaterHunter, Thief, Ninja                  
StraussWaterHunter, Crafter, Gunner         
ReaganWaterChemist, Sniper, Chronomancer                      
ElrikeWaterThief, Bard, Merchant             
YunagiWaterDark Cavalier, Ninja, Warrior
AmaneWaterBlademaster, Blade Fox Corps                           
MichaelWaterMage, Chemist, Chronomancer                       
AnnikaWaterGeomancer, Chronomancer, Dark Cavalier  
Rin (Disgaea)WaterNetherworld Archer, Hunter, Felynn             
AlexisWaterPriest, Hunter, Bishop             
SilmaWindMartial Master, Martial Artist, Machinist     
TinaWindHunter, Wind Wielder                                          
HazukiWindMage, Professor, Enchanter 
NasarioWindSummoner, Magic Swordsman, Enchanter  
AlmiraWindHunter, Beast Tamer, Sniper
KazahayaWindThief, Martial Artist, Ninja     
FencerWindFencer, Phantom Duelist, Chain Duelist        
FlamelWindMage, Magic Swordsman, Beast Tamer        
GyanWindSoldier, Thief, Beast Tamer   
RigaltWindThief, Hunter, Pirate                
MeliaWindPriest, Bard, Chemist               
ReinerWindScout Member, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier
CordeliaWindValkyrie, Martial Artist, Dark Cavalier             
TehreThunderEarth Sprite, Ranger, Spy       
FreikugelThunderMagia Gunslinger, Thief, Boom Technician  
LailaThunderThunderer Trickster, Sage, Spy                                                      
Tsang LeiThunderSummoner, Enchanter, Geomancer               
SovereignThunderSovereign, Enchanter, Diviner                           
DilgaThunderSoldier, Martial Artist, Holy Knight                  
ChaoThunderBattle Mage, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Astrologer                  
MonzeinThunderIndomitable Axe Knight, Dragon Knight, Holy Cavalier         
VincentThunderSage, Bard, Professor
MeilyThunderMage, Priest, Bishop                
AlfredThunderThief, Bard, Gunner                 
RetziusThunderSoldier, Beast Tamer, Twin-Blade Swordsman                        
AmisThunderPriest, Bard, Crafter                 
LucidoThunderHunter, Soldier, Ninja              
JustinThunderGunner, Samurai, Sniper
IshunaThunderThief, Hunter, Martial Artist  
ArubaThunderMerchant, Beast Tamer, Dragon Cavalier     
SoleilLightSage, Bishop, Enchanter         
Dragoon ChloeLightDragoon, Fencer, Masurao                                 
KuonLightPriest, Chemist, Shrine Maiden                        
AmaterasuLightShrine Maiden                             , Professor, Priestess               
HugoLightSniper, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Magia Gunslinger                
VictorLightHoly Cavalier, Ninja, Twin-Blade Swordsman                           
ShamanLightShaman, Divine Punisher, Divine Herald       
OlgaLightMartial Master, Magic Swordsman, Spy
CelliersLightDragon Cavalier, Thief, Ninja
DecelLightMage, Thief, Chemist
FionaLightYoung Lady, Chronomancer, Enchanter        
SabaretaDarkThief, Hunter, Dark Knight     
DiasDarkSoldier, Dark Knight                 
AnneroseDarkMage, Crafter, Bishop             
BlanchettDarkTwin-Blade Swordsman, Samurai, Martial Artist                     
HarbingerDarkHarbinger, Death-Spreading Harbinger, Death-Delaying Harbinger        
ReidaDarkShrine Maiden, Sage, Ninja   
EdwinDarkHoly Cavalier, Magic Swordsman, Warrior   


D Tier 3

These units have almost completely fallen off the meta due to having serious flaws in their stats or mechanics.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
MianneFirePriest, Mage, Bishop                
Rin TohsakaFireJewel Magician, Martial Artist, Sage                                            
Red MagnusFireScorching Flame Overlord, Dragon Knight, Warrior               
GladiolusFirePrince’s Protector, Martial Artist, Holy Cavalier                      
Roy MustangFireFlame Alchemist, Ninja, Telekinetic Artist    
Riza HawkeyeWaterAmestrian 1st Lieutenant, Gunner, Sniper   
GaneWaterThief, Professor, Holy Knight
PrinnyWaterPrinny Squad, Prinny General, Prinny God   
GatoWaterBard, Mage, Enchanter           
GunnerWaterHunter, Crafter, Gunner         
MilisWindHunter, Magic Swordsman, Ranger                
LeonWindBard, Mage, Magic Swordsman                        
EdwardWindFullmetal Alchemist, Martial Artist, Blademaster                   
PolinWindBard, Mage, Priest                    
FencerWindFencer, Phantom Duelist, Chain Duelist        
PromptoThunderGunner, Holy Knight, Prince’s Best Friend    
UsaliaThunderToto Bunny Overlord, Thief, Chronomancer
GilgameshThunderHero King, Magic Swordsman, Dark Cavalier
King BradleyThunderWrathful Homunculus, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier            
SeraphinaLightGorgeous Overlord, Crafter, Magia Gunslinger                       
PeridotLightMage, Thief, Sage                     
AlphonseLightArmored Alchemist, Thief, Holy Knight          
TomasLightWild Beast Tamer, Martial Artist, Warrior    
ZekeLightHoly Knight, Dark Cavalier, Holy Cavalier      
YuanDarkHunter, Thief, Ninja                  
ArcherDarkArcher, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Ranger       
Zahar (Fate)DarkArcher, Berserker, Lancer      
PrideDarkPrideful Homunculus, Magic Swordsman, Machinist            
KilliaDarkWanderer, Martial Artist, Shadow Assassin 


F Tier 3

These are the worst units in the game. Their stat growths cannot keep up with the rest of the cast and their jobs lack utility for different scenarios.

UnitElementAvailable Jobs (Base)
LaharlFireOverlord, Magic Swordsman, Necromancer
RinWaterMage, Priest, Chronomancer
NoctisWaterPrince of Lucis, Magic Swordsman, Battle Mage                     
Lamia (Fate)WaterSaber, Assassin, Ninja              
IllyasvielWaterMaster Magician, Chronomancer, Enchanter                                                       
EnvyWindDark Knight, Martial Artist, Envious Homunculus                   
ThillieWindBeast Tamer, Sage, Ninja       
SaberWindSaber, Holy Knight, Valkyrie  
IgnisWindPrince’s Advisor, Crafter, Shadow Assassin                               
Yomi (Fate)WindRider, Necromancer, Caster                              
Almira (Disgaea)WindNetherworld Thief, Valkyrie, Netherworld Samurai              
EtnaLightOverlord Vassal, Ninja, Blademaster                                           
AraneaDarkImperial Commodore, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier            
Rosa (Disgaea)DarkSuccubus, Enchanter, Netherworld Mage

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